Bands with Frank.


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     Bands that performed at FWMSF Benefit Concerts






Airtight                                                    Bill Sciore and the Regulars



Bird Mancini                                             Craig Carter



Darryl Hill Blues Band                               Dead End Shirley



Eddy’s Shoe                                             Frank’s Kids



Fusion Clowns                                          George Deliyiannis



Harvest                                                    Jerry Lagadec’s Shaman



Jimmy Parker                                            Louis Pelaggi and Friends



Nathan Aronow Nextet                               None Of The Above



Over Time                                                 Peter Skaltsis Band



Sleepy Gus and Harpo                                Special Guests



Steven Paul Perry                                      Sue Rocha Band/The Wilbas



The Growlers                                             Tony Vaughn Band



Tuesday Night Jazz Band /                          Zoe Alpert & Friends

Martin Hartford, Director










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