At The Blackthorne 1997(?) Giant Steps


Here’s Frank with Enrique Haneine on keyboards and Jim Brooty(?) on sax

at the Blackthorne Taverne in South Easton, MA. circa 1997(?)

Enrique performed at Frank’s “Master’s Recital” and was of Frank’s favorite keyboardist

and a listen here will reveal why. They had amazing interplay and often anticipated

one another’s reaction while listening, playing and improvising at the moment.

“In the pocket” performance!



The is a very low quality video and audio. The room was not well lit and the crowd is

into socializing nearly as much as listening to these amazing musicians perform.



Here is a link to Enrique’s homepage .


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01. Over The Rainbow  02. Little Martha 03. Jammin’  04. Frank And Effects


05. Withey Comes A Ridin’  06. Summertime


07. Giant Steps   Frank Being Frank


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